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Since 1986, The Microïds brand is a must have for all passionate adventure video game enthusiast around the world! Boasting a portfolio of recognised franchises such as Syberia (conceived by author Benoit Sokal), Dracula, Still Life, Egypt: The Prophecy and Return to Mysterious Island; the Microïds brand is now addressing large audiences thanks to the new digital platforms.
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Microïds platforms
Some Microïds products
Syberia 2

The climax of the captivating, original story of Kate Walker conceived by Benoit Sokal.
Her determination stronger than ever, the young lawyer decides to continue the journey and accompany Hans in search for a forgotten universe rumoured to shelter Earth's last mammoths.
Courage or Madness?


Ellen is back at the New York Metropolitan Museum with the strange painting.
Will you dare the prince of darkness ?

Dream Chamber

A humorous adventure with a quirky cartoon graphic style
Immerse yourself in 30s America, between Prohibition and the Great Depression, and discover Charlie, a rich heir who divides his time between social obligations and his hobby as a private detective.
During yet another official museum opening, Charlie witnesses a robbery, the victim of which is none other than his own girlfriend. Firmly set on investigating the case despite the reluctance of his uncle, the detective in charge of the inquiry, he unknowingly embarks on what will become the greatest adventure of his life!
Thanks to his unique skill and unrivalled memory, Charlie explores and investigates all the way into his dreams!

In true adventure game style, Dream Chamber will delight the genre’s fans and captivate new players!


Dying explorer Emile Valembois tells you about the most astounding expedition of his career, devoted to the extravagant mystery of the 'white bird'. He entrusts the young reporter with a strange mission to reach Amerzonie and bring back an egg stolen 50 years ago...

Nicolas Eymerich L'Inquisiteur : La Peste

Eymerich is called upon to investigate an obscure case. Something that goes way beyond heresy, revealing a new face of Evil. He must tackle a great number of arduous tasks and make many painful choices. Terrible creatures await him, but with his burning determination he will overcome a Plague that is deadlier than his worst possible nightmare.